Truss Advangtages

Why Use Wood Trusses?

Longer Spans - Greater Flexibility - Engineered Product - Lower Cost


A truss is a structural frame relying on a triangular arrangement of webs and chords to transfer loads to reaction points.  This arrangement gives them high strength to weight ratios, which permit longer spans than conventional framing, and offers greater flexibility in floor plan  layouts.


 Wood trusses, both floor and roof, are widely used in single and multi-family residential, institutional and commercial construction.


 Trusses are an engineered and tested product.  There are nationally recognized standards for truss design and manufacturing of metal plate connected wood trusses.  These standards have been adopted by major model building codes which ensures a quality product.


 The following is an overview on the specifics and benefits  of  both  floor and roof trusses.  Please call us if you have any questions and one of our design team members will be happy to assist you




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